International Women’s Day (March 2023)

International Women’s Day (08 March) is a global day celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. In efforts to create a more inclusive digital world this year, we join hands with the international community to say #DigitAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

We asked ourselves, to achieve this, where do we start?

1. We must ensure that all girls and women are digitally literate.

2. We must educate and train women and girls in STEM.

3. Above all, we must constantly expose girls and young women to the digital world and provide them with resources that create an environment for them to be innovative.

The advocacy we drive at Impact Drivers is: Yes! Girls can do this… give them an opportunity! Yes! Girls and women belong in STEM!

This year we spent a few hours at our adopted school celebrating international women’s day and unpacking what true innovation is from the previous robotics and coding session we had with our girls. The aim was to make them internalize it by asking a tricky question about the problems they face in their communities / world that perpetuate gender inequality and what innovative ways they can solve them using digital media.

We taught girls core values to thrive: Teamwork, Innovation, Impact, Discovery, Inclusion, and Fun. We introduced Lego Robotics to them, and what it entails, then we started unpacking careers around coding and robotics. From the previous session we had with them, we had begun building the hopper with the help of the coaches, and we had three teams doing a challenge that involved the building of the hopper followed by a race with the hopper where they were competing to see which hopper moves forward the fastest, the mission of the day was to build a hopper and code it to move forward.

We were joined by Vourne Kgosinkwe, Mrs. South Africa Semi-finalist for 2023 and deeply passionate about girls and women empowerment. She took the girls on her personal journey, challenged them to dig deep within themselves during the vision board session, and dared them to dream big. She further unpacked what it takes to become a successful digital content creator and how she makes this thrive as a career. We ended the day on a high note by doing a Tik-Tok dance challenge.

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