Lead The Impact AGYW Camp (July 2023)

It all started with a 10:28am invitation letter that opened the door to an amazing experience of knowledge, growth, and the importance of our power as youth advocates, specifically as the AGYW.

Day 1:

Our arrival at the camp on the 13th was already filled with an atmosphere of eagerness, excitement, and readiness for this journey. Although I was quite nervous as this was my first camp with Impact Drivers, I couldn’t wait to see what we would get to, we then immediately broke the “tension” with a fun and engaging icebreaker to ease us into everything, at this point, everyone was locked in.

Now it was time to get busy, the workshop was in session; we were first introduced to The Global Fund and the role they played in making this experience as impactful by creating a space for our voices to be heard as AGYW in becoming solutions to social health issues we face. Of course, including all the respective sponsors involved. Thereafter our knowledge seeds were watered, because what I thought I knew about advocacy was only the icing on the cake! We dived into important discussions about the 6 Advocacy Interest Factors for young girls – with close relation to social health issues, followed by the roles we take up as advocates and how to use them in beginning the journey, including all related aspects. These roles were at the center of our learning experience.

Day 2:

After a good night’s sleep (even after a turned-up night we had, *wink wink*, we were ready to start the day, although I would say that we were all a bit saddened that it was our last day, we still showed up and made the most of it. Our day was filled with preparing for presentations with the learned skills and knowledge from all our experts, which we had to practically use to deliver great presentations, and surely we did just that.

In addition and to our greatest pleasure, we were serenaded with amazing food that just kept on coming throughout our whole stay at 26 Degrees South, Boho Bush Hotel, in addition to that we were so blessed and grateful for the comfort we had, In terms of the environment, the services provided that made our stay even more blissful.

I have so much gratitude and fullness from this experience that I never imagined, because I believe that through this journey, I found my voice and realized my strengths as an AGYW youth advocate, including the weight we all carry to lead our impact.

– Nonhlanhla Christina Manzini

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