We’re proud to be involved in our communities in a myriad of ways. We are able to continue the work, thanks to the specific projects we administer with our donors and volunteers. Our current projects are:



Our comprehensive sexuality education programme runs for eight weeks targeting the same group of girls over that period. The girls leave empowered and informed on what their rights and responsibilities are. This programme runs weekly in Kagiso in Gauteng and KwaLanga in Cape Town.



Loosely translated as “Project come through,” these are safe spaces pop-ups where we go around various townships and create a safe space for girls and young women to access primary health care and information. This space is youth-friendly with a health care provider who does not judge or discriminate. The room is full of bean bags, reading material, laptop computers, and a tv screen.



This is our mentorship programme where we pair girls and young women with mentors and coaches. This is an essential programme as it gives our community a platform to be inspired and aspires to be like someone they can relate to, someone who is doing well in their
field or area of expertise.



This is our information technology programme. It leverages the need for 4IR readiness and robotics as the world is embracing the new normal. This programme provides a platform for girls and young women whose interests are in technology so that their skills may be honed and further explored.



This is a new programme targeted at boys and young men. Our work mainly targets girls and young women; however, we have received pressure from communities to work with boys and young men. We use sports such as soccer, basketball, and cricket as a means of entry to get the conversation going. However, this relatively new space for Impact Drivers is quickly gaining traction with our pilot community in Cape Town.



This is a programme for movement and network building. We work with similar NGOs and find ways of working together at all times.